How to choose scissors for haircuts

Learn how to choose haircut scissors.


When choosing the size of scissors, the professional must take into account their weight and the “fit” that this tool will have in their hands. To know more, check out: Best Hair Cutting Shears

There is no specific rule for adjusting hand size / scissors size.

The most important thing is that the professional feels the scissors as an extension of his hand.

This way you can transfer the idea that has in your head to the hair of your customers.

After all, it is this synchronicity that will generate the result with the greatest possible fidelity.

Large scissors are usually associated with larger sessions,

But, with faster cuts and scissor over comb (scissors on comb, comb comb) technique widely used by barbers.

Large scissors, in this case, tend to be more stable because they benefit from the energy generated by the movement of the longer blades.

Short scissors are more associated with more detailed work,areas of difficult access and very thin sections.

In any case, this notion is general and nothing prevents you from challenging the notions presented so far.


The blades are smooth and very sharp, making the wire slide better. The entire length of the blade is extremely sharp, including the tip.

These scissors are more in need of maintenance and are very delicate.

As these scissors are preferred by good professionals,manufacturers of all brands and price ranges offer them.

This scissors was specially developed for straight cuts.

However, the blades feature micro serrations to prevent the wire from sliding over the blade surface.

Usually, laser wire scissors are in a lower price range.

The thinning shears decrease the density of threads in a given line or session depending on the number of teeth.

The space between the teeth cuts the strands irregularly(one yes, the other no), reducing the volume and finishing.

These scissors should be avoided by students or professionals committed to their technical improvement,

Well, that tend to mask line failures and eventual marks.

The knife has a very efficient cut.

Some models have a flexible mechanism where the blade can be stored on its own handle (feature that allows its use avoiding accidents).

So, there are razors in the most different presentations and prices.

Anyway, the most important thing is to understand that the cutting instruments are just the tools used to shorten the wires.

To conclude, what really matters is that the cutting tool chosen by you is perfectly sharp

Mainly, to avoid physical trauma to the hair and shortening the life of a cut and do not jeopardize your studies by masking any flaws.